Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heave 'er up my bully bully boys

This is something I did a while ago for a magazine, thought I'd put it up here.
One of my many obsessions is the sea shanty, and culture and mythology of the sea. I love pirates, sea monsters, weird sea creatures and Sea Shanties. These are themes that seem to pop up again and again in my work. The sea is still a mysterious and haunting place, and there is so much to explore and speculate over.
Here is a character who comes from my fascination with these things, you'll probably see more of him as I've been sketching him quite a bit, but here he is in his first incarnation.



Juliette Poulter said...

Love this drawing, Ross. Looks uncannily like Sammy Horner ... are they related??

jessicaLynn said...

awesome work!! Thanks fo rall your nice comments!!!