Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in the land of blog

Hello anyone who may be looking here.

I had previously given up on blogging, thinking I am probably just beating my ego onto an imaginary woolen wall with no audience to applaud it. But I thought i might beat yet again, and make a probably empty promise to do so more regularly. I'm going to start posting sketches, musings, inspirations and opinions as if there are humans who care about them.

I've recently been so inspired by cartooning. I'm developing all sorts of things, working on other sorts of things, and drawing all sorts of other things and have been really excited by it all, and remembered why I continue to do what I do. Cartoons can do some of the most amazing things imaginable, and that realisation only recently knocked me in the skull once again after a while of going through very mundane motions. I have been watching a lot of cartoons recently (mostly Popeye, and Jones and Clampett Warners) after a long break from watching any animation at all after being depressed over the current state of comics and cartoons (watching the highly hyped Kung-Fu panda and feeling a bit ripped off may have had something to do with this). I forgot how truly beautiful, funny and inspiring this medium is. I might go into the more specific details of why I really love cartoons but I'm tired now and probably won't make anything sound very exciting or inspirational, so what I'll do is just announce that I'll be posting more (hold me to this) and give you a good example of why I find this artform so unspeakably amazing. The colours here alone make me want to sing. Doesn't this just make you giddy?:

I want to see this happen again in animation.

Cartoons that are like eating good chilli, drinking an overly fizzy soft drink, that bleeds fun and personality, that are like hearing someone play the singing saw to an Elvis Presley song accompanied by maracas. Like an electric orange.

No more life lessons on being yourself because you're special or lectures on the environment. And please no more "hilarious" renditions of top 40 early 90s or late 70s pop songs sung by sunglasses wearing hip furry animals with celebrity voices just before the credits, as if it's a legitimate way to complete a story.

Anyway, I'm going on a bit.


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