Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guilt for neglect

I apologise for my neglect, I have no decent excuse but lazyness.
To make up for it I'm posting stuff that has been lying around for a while, just portfolio stuff. I'm fired up to draw now so hopefully I'll be putting up quite a few new works and sketches. I've got a few things lying around so I'll get some of those up too.
I've been in a drawing fog lately, not knowing what to do, trying to get some work here and there and not really been motivated to do anything decent. But as it always does, the creativity wheel has turned and it's pointy spokes have poked my arse and caused me to start drawing like a mad man, which is loverly. And I'm actually enjoying drawing again! It can be the most torturous experience when you're locked in an uninspired funk where nothing you draw seems to stick to the wall, or worse, you just can't seem to draw at all, but the joy of drawing can bite the back of your head when you least expect it and all of a suddon it's fun again and you don't hate everything you draw, just some of it.
The batch I've put up here is from my last burst of drawing joy, a few months ago when I was staring down at a fairly sick looking portfolio, (as I haven't been allowed to show anything from my job in Sydney which lasted over a year, a fairly big chunk), and needed to get some new stuff in there. So I hope you enjoy them, and keep your eye on my blog for some new stuff (if anyone's even reading this in the first place).
I've got a couple of brand neweys I'll put up tomorrow.

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