Sunday, August 5, 2007

Electric Woman

I haven't used photoshop in a while so I'm doing some practice works.

Here is electric woman.

I'm going to start painting with real life paints. But for now I'll use filthy pixel paints.


Scott said...

That's mad Rossco. Love it. We saw the other one yesterday - are you going to be pumping out the blogs somewhat daily now? Or was that just two in a row, then none for ages :)
It is awesome - looks really good. Like your animal stuff too.

Scott said...

That was Cathie btw

Twisted Visions said...

I believe you captured the feel of the moment by successfully achieving an ambience with meloncholic blue tones. ... ..

Ah thats crap, the art is good and thats all that should be said Rossco. Well done mate. I want to see more. MORE MORRRRREEEE!!!!